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'A Chronobiological Evaluation of the Acute Effects of Daylight Saving Time on Traffic Accident Risk'

‘There is evidence that the spring Daylight Saving Time (DST) transition acutely increases motor vehicle accident (MVA) risk’

Yep, the real value of DST is debatable, the costs pretty apparent. I’d be fine without it.


I dread going on DST because of the striking mantle clock I inherited from my grandmother. The clock, a Seth Thomas, was manufactured before 1900. It strikes out the hour and strikes once on the half hour. Every spring when I set it up on DST, after a day, the striking mechanism falls an hour behind the indicated time. When the hands point to 6 o’clock, it strikes five. I have to adjust the clock two or three times before it gets with the times. I have had the clock to repair shops and the clock makers can’t figure it out.
The only explanation is that my grandmother did not like FDR who put the nation on DST for the war effort and my grandmother is getting back at me for my liberal leaning. The clock has no problem when I set it back on regular time in the fall.
To keep this automotive related, I have finally been able to adjust the electronic clocks in our car without digging through the millions of pages in the owner’s manual.

I’m all for permanent DST. Hate changing 23 clocks twice a year. But really how many times have you crossed into another time zone. It has the same effect. I’ve been there about three times in the last few weeks so just looking for a little stability. So on a regular basis we have people zoned out anyway.

My state voted to abolish DST in 2018. I voted to abolish it.

Apparently that takes congressional approval for some odd reason. Maybe they were too busy with other things so we are still waiting to eliminate it.

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If I remember right Arizona doe’s not have DST it is like so many govt.program’s it was to be for a certain time period and was never stopped when no longer needed I would like to see California stop using DST as just about every thing that start’s in California spread’s to the rest of the country.

I had a problem when Illinois went on DST, but Indiana did not. This was back in the early 1960s in the days before Amtrak. I was in graduate school at Southern Illinois University. My home is in eastern Indiana. I had s 1947 Pontiac that used a quart of oil every 250 miles. I decided it was better to use public transportation. In the fall and winter, I could take the Illinois Central train to Effingham, Illinois and then take the Pennsylvania train from Effingham to Indianapolis and then take a local bus line the remaining 55 miles.
This didn’t work in the spring and summer. With the time difference, I would take the Illinois Central to Champaign, Illinois, run from the train depot to the bus station, take a bus to Indianapolis and another bus the last 55 miles.
Even so, the trip by public transportation took only 20 minutes more than to drive (we didn’t have interstate highways back then) and U could study as I rode. The trip by.public transportation didn’t cost much more than driving, particularly if I had to add in the cost of oil.

I believe that any state can use standard time only, but cannot use Daylight Savings Time only. That is what takes US Congress approval. Glad to see you posting again, btw.


I want Daylight Savings Time year round .

Personally, I’d prefer if official time stayed the same year round. Just pick standard or daylight time and stick with it.

Besides, my home operates on HCT, Hungry Cats Time augmented by middle of the night Nascat time trials. :grin:

On a more serious note, the past few weeks I’ve encountered a startlingly large number of cars running with no headlights at all well after full dark.

Even though it is easy in my Camry to twist the headlight control stalk to various settings to “auto” or parking lights or full, frankly I miss the dashboard toggle switch that was in my 1987 Olds along with the scroll wheel for interior lights brightness.



Agree keep the same time all year my house also operate’s on HTC + HDT. By the way I was raised on a dairy farm try to convince a herd of cow’s about DST.

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@Renegade My closest friend was raised on a dairy farm. When she and I were college roomates, her mom would call about 5:30am and thought we were lazy to not already be on our way to classes. And my dad was raised on a farm as a boy. He remained an early morning person his whole life.

My friend was driving tractors and combines while still a kid and could legally drive the farm truck on rural roads and into the two nearby small towns from age fourteen but in truth was doing so by the time she was twelve. She finally gave up riding motorcycles in her thirties when her oldest child was a toddler and she was in her second trimester with twins. She can fix just about anything mechanical. The heater in our dorm room broke one winter day and while we waited a week for campus maintenance to repair it she jerry rigged it to work using a screwdriver, pliers, two bobby pins and a bent paperclip. When maintenance officially fixed it, it quit working again in only three days. So she worked her farm skills magic a second time and we used it reliably that way the rest of the winter. She often tells me I just have to be smarter than the thing.


Talking about DST at work, one person said ‘oh, but the farmers like it, it gives them more daylight’… :thinking:

Yes being raised on a farm doe’s have it’s advantage’s when I first started driving truck’s if there were more people appling than opening’s the one’s raised on a farm were given first choice because like you friend we already had experience moving and backing big equipment.

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face palm, rolling eyes, shaking head

@Marnet. Your friend should have been given s job on the college maintenance staff. I have great respect for people who can fix things and make them work.
While we didn’t live on a farm, I grew up in the country and went to a country school until I was transferred to a city school. The high school farm kids often were called on to fix things in the building. The school grounds were mowed by high school boys. They brought walk behind garden tractors to school with sickle bars. Different shifts of high school boys would be excused from study hall to man the mowers. I couldn’t believe the city high school I attended where there were full time maintenance people who mowed the school grounds.


Heh heh, reminds me of that deer crossing sign story.

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I wonder how much the opinion of daylight savings changes for people living either below or above 45 degrees of latitude. Keeping daylight savings year round makes for an awfully late sunrise in the winter months. It’s hard enough to get up and get to work by 8am without having to wait for the sun to come up.

I’ve seen the studies about how changing the clocks leads to more accidents and heart attacks, etc. What I can’t fathom is how changing your bedtime by one hour one day can give you a heart attack or cause you to crash your car. I mean if changing the clock has such a disastrous result, I think you’re on the edge already anyway.

I can see how it lead’s to more accident’s I don’t know about you but if someone is used to going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time when DST kick’s in it will take time for the body to adjust thus losing an hour in the AM the body is not fully awake therefore not as aware.

[quote=“asemaster, post:18, topic:160213”]
I wonder how much the opinion of daylight savings changes for people living either below or above 45 degrees of latitude. As far as living north of degrees latitude my daughter live’s in Fairbank’s Alaska and said it doe’s take some adjustment to get use to more daylight or darkness .