A/C Vent Temp

09Kia Sorento 3.8L EX

So a few years ago I replaced my compressor, expansion valve, and dess. filter on condenser due to a leak at the compressor. I took the car to a respected shop to have them run a vacuum and add refrigerant. I live in Texas so you can guess its gets pretty hot during the summer. I have two thermometers in the same center vent. Driving down the highway I get about 57-60F coming through and parked in the sunlight I get about 65-67F coming through vents. Its about 98F outside. Is this consider high compared to other cars? I do notice that when I leave work my car is in a parking garage the whole time so driving home I have to eventually turn down the AC but any other time it has to stay on full blast. Also these temps were taken at recirc. mode on fastest fan speed. Any reply would be greatly appreciated. By the way I haven’t hooked up any gauges to it yet to get low and high pressure readings so I cant provide that info at this time.

The temp out the vents should be 35-48 degrees.


I think you’re low on refrigerant, probably due to another leak

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So is it normal for the vehicle to take a long time to cool down if it’s been the sun than rather in the shade. Right now it’s 97 with a 32 percent humidity. I drove home from work and sitting in car in driveway and after about 10 mins of idle it’s staying steady at 49. However if I drive my car after it’s been sitting out in sun it takes a long time for it to actually cool. Stays in the low 60s and rises as the car idles. I’m probably just paranoid.

Have a air conditioner shop look at this vehicle then you will know if it is working correct or not. I don’t think it is.

A 40*+ temperature drop is more than acceptable to me


A chart similar to this was on the face of the freon charging station that I had for years

I live in OK where it gets as hot as TX and outlet air of 50-60 degrees just won’t cut it. I’ve always strived to get at least a 60 degree drop It needs to be in the 35-40 degree range to make it comfortable. At least around here anyway.

No . . . you’ve got a problem

Again . . . you’re probably low on refrigerant, due to a leak

No, you’re not. You’re just overanalyzing this

See above . . . low charge

You’ve got the classic symptoms of a car with a low refrigerant charge, due to a leak

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