A/C sometimes works and sometims doesn't

2005 honda civic with 70,000 miles. The compressor was cutting in and out very quickly (every second or so). And the A/C would sometimes work and sometimes didn’t. It seemed not to work only when it was really hot out. I added a can and a half of freon, or whatever it is, and the car made an awful noise so I took it to a mechanic and he drained and refilled the system. He said I over filled it. It worked for a day or two but now it seems to only work when it feels like it, just like before. Any thoughs?

Could you be using the recirculate rather than fresh air setting?..I noticed that my A/C doesn’t cool the car in the recirc. setting…

Any idea why your cars AC would be inoperative by design in the recirc. mode? Do you know whats happening when you select recirculate?

I have a similar problem with a 1989 Accord. The compressor coming on and off is typically normal because it is cycling. On mine i’ve noticed that when it’s extremely hot the compressor won’t engage right away after I start the car but usually after 10 minutes of driving it will begin working. The cooling fans on the radiator and condenser come on just like they should but the compressor clutch just doesn’t engage the compressor. I can’t figure out why. If anyone has any idea please tell me.