A/C Recharging

Ac is nor working for my 96 Toyota camry.Last time i gave it to the shop and they refilled it.They told me that there is some leak on it and it may stay for a while.It lasted for the whole summer.

I was trying recharge my 96 camry with a With “Measure & Charge” can.

I turned on the Car and Ac on high.

I connected the hose to the low-pressure port, squeeze the trigger.But it shows high.

What am i doiing wrong here?

AC is not working and I am pretty sure it is empty.


The static charge on an A/C system, which is not running, and is healthy, is about 40 to 50 psi. When the A/C compressor is running, it will pump the low pressure side to about 20 psi, and pump the high pressure side to over 100 psi.
On your setup, what shows high? And, how high is that? The system may have a full charge. The problem could be somewhere else. An experienced A/C mechanic is your best bet.