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A/C recharge for 1991 Chevy Cavalier

Family trying to figure out how to do this. First can they bought (supposed to fit several types of input valves) didn’t fit the little tube. It’s a super, well-kept little car, but I guess the trip from CA to CO did in the A/C. It worked great a couple of months ago in CA.

Time to step back and put the tools down before someone gets hurt. I strongly suspect that it has the old Freon 12 that non-professionals cannot buy anymore, and what you bought is a can of 134a refrigerant. They are not compatible nor are the fittings the same. They are going to want to convert it to the new 134a which requires replacing some parts.

I have a 93 Caprice that uses R12 (Freon). I just added my last can of Freon to the AC. 1993 was the transition year for Chevrolet, so I’m sure your 91 is R12 and the fittings are incompatible with R134a refrigerant.

Recharging seems to be the first thing everyone tries, hoping it will fix the problem. However, if your refrigerant is low, it is because it is leaking, and you will need to fix the leak to fix the problem.

Do yourself and your family a favor. Take the car to a certified air conditioning technician and pay for a proper diagnosis and repair. Anything could be wrong with it at this age, and even if it is low on refrigerant, there is a reason it is low.

Didja get my big Thank You - I hope so.

Thanks so much - so grateful you guys are there. And - I got the message and will follow your advice. Appreciate it.

Family trying to figure out how to do this.

It is really easy. Let your fingers do the walking and look up your local A/C shop and have them do it. (not use a real A/C shop not a quick oil change and Taco shop.