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A/C only works when the car is going fast!

My A/C seemed to be slowly dying. It cooled, it just didn’t blow very hard. Now it is summer in Florida & when the car is idling it doesn’t work at all. It works best when I am driving on the highway or at night when it’s a little cooler out. It is a 2003 Saturn Vue, and it’s paid off, but if this will be super expensive I might not keep it.

It may just be one of the radiator cooling fans is not coming on. You likely have two fans on the radiator, one usually is for the AC. Start the car and have someone look to see if either fan is on. Now turn on the AC, does a second fan start up or maybe the first or only fan speed up?

In any case I would suggest finding a local AC shop.  Someone who specializes in AC and does not have a name I would recognize.  You might ask around for recommendations. 

You are lucky because you have lots of good AC shops around.

I agree with Joseph on this. I’ll bet that at 6 years old you may need to have it checked for leaks and recharged in addition to getting that fan checked out.

It actually sounds to me like there is some possibility that it is just the blower that isn’t working. When you sit at idle is any air coming out of the vents at all?