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A/C & heat recirculate

Is there any pratical way to change the default setting on my 2002 Elantra from “outside air” to “recirculate?”

Why do you want the AC to recirculate? If your vehicle is not equipped with the “recirculate” feature then I don’t see a “practical” way to change the AC system. The vehicle was engineered with an AC system that only allows outside air when operating. I think it’s healthier to run the outside air rather than recirculating the inside air anyway.

The OP’s car has a recirculate feature. The OP is complaining that they have to press the recirculate button each time they start the car, because it resets to the fresh air setting.

If the owner’s manual doesn’t tell you how to change the default, then you can’t change it.

Thanks for the insight. The fresh air mode is best anyway. That’s why the engineers designed it that way.