A/C Freon R134

I just replaced a schader valve on the low side port as it was leaking, however some freon and an oily substance leaked out after I thought it was empty and sprayed over the engine. Will this hurt the engine, cause every time I start it it steams/smokes I’m assuming residue on the engine is steaming, will hurt anything and will it cause a fire? I just want to be sure!

You just released all the refrigerant from the system and alot of refrigerant oil. This will eventually burn off and stop smoking. But your AC won’t work anymore.

Did you know they make a tool that allows the replacement of the Schrader valve without losing refrigerant/oil? http://www.jcwhitney.com/valve-core-replacement-tool-kit/p2004203.jcwx?TID=100DF&redir=k115821


Thanks for your input, I did refill the system with new freon, hopefully that will fix the leak! I wish I had known about the tool earlier thanks for letting me know, I may still get one.

Wait! You recharged the system without evacuating the air and moisture? That will reduce the AC performance. And if you recharged it with PAG oil, the refrigerant will turn acidic and cause damage. Did the refrigerant you used to recharge the system include oil? If not, the system is low on oil and will also cause damage.


I hope you were at least wearing glasses; preferably safety goggles.
If not, you were lucky because spraying refrigerant can freeze eyeballs instantly and I don’t know too many legally blind A/C techs.

Well everyone can do a thing they should not have done. Ac really should be done by a guy who can recover the refrigerant. Just to be green. And it is kinda toxic. You got into a mess and it should be ok. Your karma will recover in time if you treat everyone nicely. Please do not drain ac into the air if at all possible. The oil will dry off eventually.

I bought three cans of R134a, one of which included leak stop. You know I really don’t know what I’m doing, I can’t afford to put it into the shop, I’m just trying to fix my A/C. I suspect there’s an airlock? How can I replace the oil? I appreciate your feedback, I might end up putting it into the shop after all to figure out what I did. The good news, if there is any is the the low port valve doesn’t leak any more!