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A/c Freezes up?

When i run my A/C for a long while, it eventually stops blowing out the cold air with much force.

The sound of the blower motor doesnt seem to change, but theres just barely any cool air coming out of the vents. (the air still feels cool, it just doesnt come out of the vents with much “gusto”)

If i leave it off for a while, it eventually goes back to working-- and it seems to happen more frequently on rainy or humid days.

I originally had to take it in a few months back to see why it stopped working, and they recharged the R134 and put a dye in the system to try and see where the leak was letting the coolant out in the first place. The system still blows cold, and the shop says that there doesnt seem to be any sign of where the leak was coming from so far.

I originally had to take it in a few months back

Where did you take it in? Was it a real A/C shop (often combined A/C & Radiator) or was it a fast oil change place, AC repair and Tacos, or dealer?

I would guess they did not get it right and may have missed the leak so far.

What has the weather been like in your area?

It’s a full-service shop where a friend of mine from school works; but it’s a second generation shop, so I was trying to leave out the possibility of error since i know the guy.

I live in central Florida and do light locksmith tasks and roadside assistance in the car all day; so the car is on for most of the day, and most of it, the A/C is on.

Weather is usually pretty hot, with a few showers a week as of late-- and the tendency to be fairly humid on some days.