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A/C cycles frequently

I’m having trouble with my 98 Olds Intrigue’s a/c. It puts out cold air while running but it will frequently shut off and begin blowing hot air. After several seconds to a minute it will start again. It keeps doing this over and over. The a/c button on the dash has a light on it. The light cycles on and off with the compressor. I’m not sure what I should be checking. A bad relay or pressure switch? Perhaps low on refrigerant. The car has been “lightly” wrecked so it’s not worth much and I don’t want to put money into it at the repair shop. Can anyone suggests some things to look at to keep me from sweating it out this summer?

The A/C clutch cycling on and off is an indication of low refrigerant level. It needs to be charged and checked for leaks.


Classic symptoms of a low charge. The car is easily old enought to have developed a slow leak, releasing refrigerant. I would have someone do UV dye test to check for leaks.

There could be a faulty pressure sensor, but it’s more likely to be a low refrigerant change, as stated by transman and FoDaddy.

The A/C light going on and off makes me think its something other then low charge.