A/c compressor

i have a 2002 montecarlo ss i learned that the a/c compressor will kicked on at 40degrees to improve windshield performace.even though the it is not selected.never heard of this.it was on mygmlink.com…should i diconnect this or leave it alone

when you hit the defrost button this happens.i missed that part.

Leave it alone, it is common on most if not all modern cars. and it does help get moisture off the inside of the glass.
It is only on if you select defrost, ie the air directed up to the windscreen, otherwise it’s off.

a murphy.that is what i thought.thanks for tour advice rob

It depends on the car, on mine the AC always engages unless it’s in “economy” mode or too cold.

Leave it be. It is normal and it is a good thing. Really!