A/C blows on floor when I accelerate but only a few times when engine is warming up


When I first start my truck and drive away it will start blowing air out the floor vents. After about 2 minutes of the engine running this never happens again. Could it be the little thing on brake booster that holds vacuum?


There may be a vacuum leak causing the trouble. Also check to see if you have a vacuum reservoir that may not be working correctly.


Is this a Dodge truck? The folks at Chrysler know about this problem. There is a TSB on it, and the fix is that they insert a valve somewhere. (If it’s not a Dodge, disregard this post.)


Yep Dodge Dakota. I do notice now that it only seems to occur after sitting over night. But it is a 2k dakota so i know they would charge me for it.


OK, they’ll charge you for the repair. This seems only reasonable. Since it is not a safety issue or clear defect, there was never a recall.

So now you must decide whether to spring for the repair or to just live with this tiny problem. Speak with the Dodge service manager and then make up your mind.


I will try to find a way around it since they rip you off no matter what. Every time I goto a shop they charge me 2-3 hours labor and only work for 1 hour on it. Thanks for the help guys.


A hand vacuum pump would come in handy for testing the check valve or for checking for vacuum leaks. For any more help we’ll need your adress.