A/c 1999 Escort

A/C compressor seems to run all the time, creating condensate on the evaporator which pools underneath the car, even when I have the heat on! There is no separate on/off switch for the AC. I can turn the climate control system on/off with a knob. Maybe someone installed the wrong console when I bought the car? It was replaced when we first bought it because the tape player was jammed badly and when that happens the best way to fix is to insert an entire new (or salvaged) replacement console.

The relay for the compressor is probably stuck.

On my Escort (‘98 ZX2), the AC compressor runs for most positions of the air flow selector switch. The heat has nothing to do with it. Have you read your owners’ manual? There are only two positions where it does not run; floor only and vent only.

Page 42 - 1st paragraph. “Problem solved.” Thanks. How odd to allow the A/C compressor run so freely. Isn’t that a drag on the engine?

“When all else fails read the instructions.” Had the car 7 years and am still learning its peculiarities…