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A black eye for AutoNation

Hmm, I would think any car traded in would receive a much lower trade in allowance if there is a pending recall.

I’m not familiar with Auto Nation but are they not just a used car shop like Car Max? So wouldn’t the cars need to go to an actual dealer for the recall to be done, if and when the parts may be available? I’m not sure this is as big an issue as CBS reports it as. Our last Acura that we traded the dealer said they couldn’t sell it again until the air bag was replaced. But that was an Acura dealer and that was based on Acura policy. I think I could have sold it (which I did of course) but not them. They had a whole lot full of cars they couldn’t sell. So depending, as a used car dealer, I can see how it would be a big hassle storing and transporting the cars to a dealer when the work could be done. Of course the customer should be appraised of the recall not done yet.

Autonation has 9 new car dealerships in the Baltimore-Washington metro area.

Auto Nation owns new car dealers all over the country, the closest to me are all in King County including Porsche Bellevue, Mercedes,BMW. A couple in Renton selling Honda and Chrysler/Dodge.

In my area, there is a fairly large chain that uses the letters “DH”, as in DH Toyota, DH Honda, etc.
To my surprise, I recently found out that they were bought-out a few years ago by Lithia Motors, which is a huge nationwide chain of dealerships.

Lithia was one of the last places to get some new OEM parts for my old MR2. Even they’re running low on that stuff now, but I’ve bought a lot of parts from them over the years.

Only one in nine? I’d expect that to be a lot higher at most used car lots, which is why I consider looking up safety recalls on a model you’re considering a part of due diligence when shopping for a used car.

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