A basic 4-cly sedan or a pickup truck. Near Jacksonville, FL

I’m considering a Nissan Versa, or something similar. If I can find a loss leader deal on one. I have seen ads in the past, for like $10K…new. I would have to live w/manual trans. In the past, I got great deals on base pickups. Like a new 1993, for only $7K out the door. A new 2002 for $12K. Now that same truck would be almost $20K OTD.

Something like a V6 Tacoma or Frontier w/6-speed manual would be sporty and fun. But, the $25K cost & fuel, is something I’m can’t justify or afford. So, I better stick with a 4-cly pickup at a low price, if I can find one.

Jacksonville has a trade restraining dealer asso. So, no loss leader prices are available in this city. So, I may have to travel. I have cash, if I can get a low price.

Any suggestions, other than these ideas?

A 4 cylinder Tacoma is extremely hard to beat for the gas mileage and reliability. Don’t get a six, unless you need the power.

I used to live in Jacksonville, and I bought my first motorcycle in south Georgia. I saved a bundle on sales tax. Check for dealerships in Kings Bay, GA and the vicinity.

Check Autotrader, there’s one listed in Deerfield Beach FL for $15,995 and others around the same price range. Bob Richards Toyota in Beech Island SC has a couple of basic tacomas for $17,000. Basic Versa’s seem to start at $11,000. Put in your Zip code to get the closest results and see what appeals to you

Why not consider a used 4 cyl Tacoma, 1-2 yrs old? Save some depreciation $$ and still get a near-new vehicle. And you won’t have to travel if you can find one locally.

Tacoma resale value is sky high

Not so great, when buying a 1-2 year old truck

The better choice is to buy new

I agree with @RemcoW but also feel, at least around here, inexpensive 4 cyl Tacos are hard to find. In two wheel drive they are very versatile, fairly economical and really tough. But, that’s why they are hard to find. The Versa from CR reviews and owner satisfaction does not seem to be that great. I recomend you get an automotive issue from CR and look at possible cars/trucks that meet your needs.

I’d stay away from the Versa sedan. It’s built to third world standards so is slow, crude, poorly finished, and flimsy. Sure, it’s cheap, but only slightly cheaper than better cars like the Mazda2, Kia Rio, and Hyundai Accent (at least in base form). I’d even consider a Chevy Spark over the Versa sedan. You’d be much better off with the Tacoma. It’s pretty basic, but sturdy and useful.

Check eBay…That’s where many dealers dump unwanted or hard to sell vehicles…Lot’s of “re-manufactured” wrecks are sold there too, so be careful and do your homework…

Remember the guy that wanted to buy the flooded Subaru with the reconstructed title?

A Nissan Versa…4cyl pick up at a low price

We are looking at a huge gap. Are there any other cars you would consider ? Along the Versa line, how about a Fit or Scion xD ? Not sure why there is a sudden jump to a truck. ALL trucks, even 4 cylinders, will be costly with autos and all the standard features you get with a Scion for example. If you buy a truck, IMHO, you need to justify it for the initial price and gas mileage. There is as much as a 15 mpg gap and a ton of standard features difference between a subcompact and 4 cylinder cylinder truck. I would think long and hard before jumping from one to another based on needs and not just because a local dealer is an …

Sounds like you are a "have money, will travel " guy and might buy anything for the sake of buying. That’s why I recomend you should evaluate your needs with respect to all cars you might consider instead of just a truck and a Versa.

The Versa is built in Japan at the same plant that assembles the 350Z. That hardly seems 3rd world to me. It’s built as an entry level vehicle, just like the Spark. Actually, they are the only two cars at the $12k price point.

$10 K for a new Versa seems like a very good deal. I’d jump on that one if you come across one you like at that price.

When you see ads for cars that are ridiculously low, read the fine print. With a $3000 trade in fine print for example is a scam used by a dealer in this area. And then, look also at the resale values of cars when prices are low. It doesn’t pay to save $2000 in purchase price and loose several more then that much later trade in time.
I have a friend who tried to talk trade with his SAAB SUV. The dealer tried to tell him the sAAB was out of business and could bring little for trade. This, even though the SAAB was just a GM clone. But he was still going to lose money regardless. So watch what you buy cheap.

Consumer Reports calls it, “disappointing, with a noisy and cheap interior.” They also say its first year reliability (it was redesigned not long ago) is well below average. When it was redesigned there was quite a lot of grumbling that it was even worse than its predecessor, and the explanation given was that we were getting the variant designed for developing nations. Nissan is very big in Latin America and makes a ton of small cars in Mexico. Per Wikipedia the current US-market Versa sedans are still coming from Mexico, as did the previous version. It’s based in the long running Sunny platform (which formerly was sold as a Sentra), with the same basic car also built in Japan, but in a nicer version with a higher-quality interior.

Well, you do get what you pay for. If you can’t afford more and want a new car, the Versa and Spark are your choice.


The Versa is built in the Philippines, it’s never been built in the same plant as the 370z as far as I know.

CarsDirect said Japan, and Wikipedia says Mexico. Nicoclub.com says Mexico.

The previous version always came from Mexico, and I can’t think of any plausible reason to stop bringing them from there. It’s where Ford makes most of its less expensive models, too. VW Jettas, too. The Sunny (under whatever name) has been a super popular car in Mexico for years. When I was down in the Yucatan seven or eight years ago every police car and cab was the Sentra one generation before what we had in the US, with both old and new being sold in Mexico. They were all over the place. You also saw interesting Ford, VW, and GM models sold only in those markets, not much like any US or European Ford, VW, or GM models. Small, simple, cheap.

I know that the Chevy Colorado with the 2.4 engine has plenty of power.