99 taurus / electrical

I have an intermittent electrical problem that recently developed which occurs when the turn signal is used - right or left - that stalls the engine. The check engine light is on and the trouble code points to the O2 sensors. Any suggestion on where to begin the trouble shooting process?

Are you 100% sure that the stalling is related to the turn signal?
Does it always stall when the turn signal is used?
Does it never stall when the turn signal isn’t being used?

In general, any kind of O2 sensor problem is unlikely to cause a stall.

No stalling issue except for when turn signal is used, and it doesn’t happen every time. When it does occur a buzzing noise is emitted from the vacinity of the steering column. My concern is a possible short or ground in the system. The vehicle has not been involved in any collision. Prior to this development the alternator failed and was replaced with a salvaged unit.

I would take the column apart and check all of the wiring there. Also, make sure that all of the fuses are the correct rating. (Make sure no one replaced a 5A fuse with a 20A one to keep it from blowing again.)