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99 Silverado Electrical system acting crazy

Every once in a while the battery light will come on, at this time the seat belt light, ABS light, low fuel warning will all light up. Also the fuel gauge will read empty as well as the temperature gauge will bottom out. Also the light that highlights what gear you are in also goes out. When the truck does this, there is no noticeable change in driving, nor are any of the gauges reading correctly, IE the truck is not at of gas. I have taken it to a mechanic, but since it is not a repeatable problem and is just random, they are at a lost. I have also had the battery replaced and the electrical system checked by people at Advanced Auto Parts. If you turn the truck off and back on, sometimes it goes away, other times it will go away just by driving. It happens both when you crank up or when you are driving. It started doing this years ago, but it would happen, I would get the truck checked out and maybe change the battery, sometimes not, and it would go way till the next year. Now it is happening more often…once a week. I have change the battery. Any help would be great. Thank you for your time.

David Hollin

Sounds like the problem may be in the ignition switch.

I had a similar problem on a Durango, but it was with the AC blower motor, power door locks, and windows. We trouble shot it down to pinched wires under the dash. The dash was removed earlier for some different maintenance, and the wire harness was crushed during reinstall of the dash.

Sounds like it may be a bad connection to the instrument cluster, or perhaps the electronics in the cluster are failing.

Have someone remove the bulkhead connector at the firewall and check for corrosion at this connector. Water can get inside this connector corroding the pins and cause all sorts of electrical problems.