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99 ram starting problem

For the past 4 yrs. I’ve had an annoying problem with my magnum 5.2L 4x4. On a winter morning after driving about 100 mi.the night before, the vehicle would crank but not start, sounding like it wasn’t getting enough fuel. It eventually started after sitting for some time, and on advice I checked the 2 yr. old battery and found it would not hold a charge. I replaced the battery and had no issues for another 18 mo.‘s or so…then the same thing occurred, also in winter, with similar action and results . Now, on my third battery (free replacements), I find the starting problem occurred in the summer during a rainy or very moist condition.

I’ve learned that if I pump the accelerator wildly it will eventually start but chugs, coughs and backfires a time or two like it’s flooded (duh) and then runs rough. I can’ see the correlation between the battery and the starting problem but each time, a new battery solved the problem for an extended period.

Tune-up and electrical check pending responses. Any thoughts?

When was the last time the plugs and plug wires were changed? Have you had the alternator checked for proper charging? Bag plugs wires will affect starting and when they get damp they don’t function properly. Have you had the fuel filter checked or the fuel pressure? Pumping the accelerator on a fuel injected vehicle is like pounding your fist on the dash.

Vehicle has 64k mi. Although I believe the plugs and wires were changed a few years ago I can’t find the record. Alternator was checked but @ a local parts store where they do those free battery checks,etc. No checks on the fuel filter or pump.
Questions: are there any thoughts on the battery dying, and why replacing it would solve the problem?..would depressing and holding the gas pedal be an alternative to ‘pounding my fist on the dash’?

Depressing and holding the accelerator could help if an injector was leaking and flooding the engine. The alternator must be able to fully charge a battery under load or the battery can die a slow death say in about…18 months. Modern engines with computer controlled systems need a battery that is fully charged. A battery that is putting out less than 12 VDC can wreak havoc with your computerized systems. All goes back to normal if a fresh battery is installed. Have you had the truck checked for codes?

No, but that will be my first step. Will also have alternator checked out by my mechanic. Thanks for the advice.

Does you Ram have an electric fuel pump? If so I would start there and I would check the charging system, which the source of your battery should have done. Many auto part stores will check it for free.

Will check these out.
By the way…great site, I’m really impressed with the quick responses, thanks to missleman and Joseph.