99 Porsche Boxster: coolant & temp gauge/ water trapped!

#1: Coolant & temp. gauge issues! We own a lightly used Porche Boxster, which for a few years. We rarely use it for more than light duty, city driving. It seems to have temperature gauge issues and coolant level issues in the warmer months where we live in Dallas, TX. We noticed the temperature gauge flashing, even though the needle is straight up in the middle, so my husband added coolant to the maximum level - about a gallon. The temperature gauge continued to flash, so I took it into a certified Porsche mechanic. The coolant is leaking, according to our mechanic, though it doesn’t show up when they do a “stress (or pressure?) test”; instead, it leaks from the overflow valve when the car is “hot”. So there’s no leaking pipes according to them; instead, they observed this leaking action while the car was hot. They said both the fans are working, and they don’t understand why the car is leaking coolant. The mechanic did not charge us for the diagnostic, but said we’d have to take it to the dealer. I am reluctant to take it to the dealer, or at least would like to have an idea of what we’re in for. Right now the smell of coolant seems to permeate the inside of the car when the AC is on… I feel like if it were any stronger,it would make me nauseous!

#2: Water Trapped after a monsoon like storm of a few days, there was water clearly trapped in the chassis (?) which was audibly sloshing around while driving, especially coming to stops. It actually permeated the floor carpet on the passenger side of the car! If there are blocked drainage holes, where are these located and what do I use to unblock the line/s: a pipe cleaner?

Don’t feel you are getting shuffled when I suggest a Boxters forum. I am going to reserve judgement on your mechanic sending you away, I don’t know this car enough.

And are you with Car Talk? or are you an unaffiliated chat member like me?

Correct,unaffilated with Car Talk. I like to think of them as a provider of a Forum to practice my “listen to the customer and come up with how to put it on paper skills”. As a mechanic I recieved so many poorly written Repair Orders and I have come to the conclusion that it was not always the Advisors fault. It can be very difficult at times to correctly interpet what the customer is saying. At times you must figure out what information or linkage the customer has made or provided that is incorrect.

Check your coolant cap. Its in the rear trunk, on the right side. It should have a part number stamped on it. If that part number ends in 00, you have an original, trouble plagued part. The latest version of the cap ends in 04 and will likely resolve this problem. I just had to do this on my 2000. As for drains, there are about 8 in various locations. Try to isolate where the water is trapped and I’ll try to help you locate the affected drain.

The same thing happens to my friend’s porsche boxster coolant. We both have NO idea about this matter. If i am not mistaken, what i saw was a yellowish diluted liquid. We are now thinking to bring the his porsche back to the dealer.