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99 Mercury Trace Tail lights won't turn off

Hi, I have a 99 Mercury Tracer and the tail lights never turn off. I have to take out the brake light fuse when I am parked or else they stay on all the time. I have forgotten this twice and the battery died. While I am driving it looks like I have my foot on the brake the entire time. I know this is dangerous so I’ve stopped driving the car. Can I fix this myself? I would like to start driving again. Thanks.

Can You Replace Or Adjust A Brake Light Switch? I’d Check That, First.

My '98 Escort (same vehicle) had the same problem. In my case, a small plastic spacer between the brake pedal and the brake light switch broke off. The plastic becomes brittle with age. I replaced it with some hardened bubble gum that I happened to have with me and that lasted 6 months. Check it out by looking at the brake pedal. It’s easy to see what’s going on. There are an endless number of things that will replace that piece of plastic.