99 jeep grand cherokee overheating

I have changed out the coolant temperature sensor and the thermostat, the fan still wont come on to cool off engine. If i connect a wire to the fan wire from battery cable fan will come on… been through all the fuses and relays, not sure where to go from here now…

There may be a temperature switch in the radiator that needs to be checked but I’m not sure.

I recommend that you purchase a factory service manual for the vehicle. With it, you will save yourself time and money on repairs like this. With the age of the Jeep I’m sure more things like this are going to come up in the future. Check out Ebay for a good source of manuals at reduced cost. A new manual may be around $100 dollars but even that is a low price compared to having a shop do this repair. Just this repair alone would justify the cost of the manual over a shop doing it.

I have a haynes manual, does it not cover all of the car too. It says nothing about a radiator temp sensor in it.

I checked Ebay and currently there are several factory service manuals avaiable for your model year. Some are starting at $85 dollars with a “Buy It Now” at $95 dollars. This isn’t great price but pretty fair. That is price for about one hour of shop time for a resource that will ‘be there’ when you need it.