'99 Honda Accord

I live in Austin, Texas where it has been over 100 degrees for over 35 days this summer. Recently my '99 Honda Accord has started:

- taking longer to start (on occasion). You now engines turns but does nto catch for a bit.

- rumbling/not immediately turning off when you turn the key turn off the engine(it kind of chokes/sputters)

Any thoughts on what could be causing this? It has been a great car up until now with 120K+ miles. We had to have the transmission replaced last year otherwise just routine maintenance. Thanks in advance!

Check your symptoms here: http://www.tegger.com/hondafaq/faq.html

Have your mechanic check the ignition switch for clean power (12 volts) cut off after the ignition key is turned off. That’s ignition switch, not the lock part the key goes into. A real electrical multimeter is good for this, as opposed to a virtual one.