99 Ford Escort zx2 Timiming Belt Repair

Hi, took the car in for the timing belt repair, like some of you requested at 180,000 on the car. After the repair the car steering wheel vibrates, moves. Don’t know what’s going on, Any suggestion before I take it back?

Doing the timing belt does not have anything to do with the suspension or steering systems at all. So you might just be looking at coincidence. However, before you drive it again, check the lug nuts. The passenger’s side tire would have been removed. Another possible connection is that the car would have been up in the air and back down, maybe more than once.

If your struts are original the strut bearings may have ended up a little bit tweaked. There’s no “blame” to be laid there. It just is what it is.

One other possibility is that an engine mount or two may have been loosened or even removed (I didn’t go look at the exact procedure). Sometimes people forget to torque those down or they may need a little tweaking.

What is a timiming belt?

I guess when a timing belt breaks …that’s the sound it makes? ‘‘TIMIMING !’’ as all the engine parts carom off of each other.

lol, over the word timing belt. You guys are funny:) I took the car back to the shop to fix the problem. After two days, I finally get an answer about the car. They tell me that I need two new tires. They tell me that the belts are broke on the two front tires.
They also told me that the car is dangerous to drive. I just replaced the passenger tire four months ago, due to a blow out. I was on the highway in the middle of nowhere and I found a Walmart nearby. Is it just a fluke that the belt is broken on this tire with less then 5000 miles on it.

Even new things break or have defects.

I have gotten defective new tires before. It is a fluke and WM should certainly take care it it. It is sometimes hard to convince people that it’s a tire defect, however.

The curious thing is WM only replaced the blowout on the passenger side. For both tires to fail the same way at the same time being different ages and possibly different brands has me asking to have the tires looked at for signs of physical damage. My BS meter is pegging.

Good point. That is very odd. Do you happen to run over a lot of curbs or something FshrKing66? Are you sure the vibration was new after the timing belt? When is the last time this car had the front end thoroughly inspected and put on an alignment rack?