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99 Ford Escort "Singing/Whistling"

I have a 99 Ford Escort, 138,000 miles. At certain times, but not always, there is a singing/whistling sound. It seems to be worse when it’s wet and typically occurs when I start the car in the morning. It goes away after I drive the car a little bit. Stepping on the clutch sometimes affects the noise. Any suggestions? The car otherwise runs great!

Have the belts checked for tension and condition. It is good you are aware of the noises and will probably result in a simple repair. Note to others this is preferable to my car died, the engine caught fire, and sounds really funny when I try to start it, what is the problem?

Singing/whisling, if not belt related noise, Has also been known to come from plugged systems that are suppposed to move air. ie; plugged air filter, pcv system, egr system.