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1999 Ford Escort, Exhaust problem?

Need some help figuring out what is wrong with my car ford escort 1999, 80000miles, a few weeks ago my check engine light came on, nothing changed with the car. A week or so later the light is still on and the car makes a humming sound while i push on the gas, when i push on the gas it feels like the car is slow to accelerate, and makes the loud humming noise. It doesnt do this when i dont push on the gas. I also noticed a gas like smell inside the car when i drive sometimes, it isnt super strong but its there. Im guessing its something with the exhaust? Any ideas how much it will cost to fix? Will driving it make the problem worse? Thanks for your help

Some auto parts stores will connect a code reader to your vehicle and pull any Diagnostic Trouble Codes for free. Such as AutoZone

See if there’s such an auto parts store nearby.

Then post back with any DTC’s that were pulled.

The DTC format will be P0XXX. Where the X’s will replaced by numbers.



Follow @Tester 's advice. Get the code read and post back. It’s impossible to diagnose this based on your description. We’d like to help so please post back with the codes.