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'99 Elantra issues. Any advice would be great!

Here?s the story. I have a barely-holding-on-to-life ?99 Elantra into which my step-father tried to install a new aftermarket stereo, resulting in a torn apart console and a now dysfunctional heater. Air still blows from the vents BUT it is no longer hot and since we?re going through a minor ice age in West Virginia at the moment this whole predicament is kind of lame.

AND I still don?t have the stereo installed. ::face-palm::

So any ideas as to what could be going wrong here? Fuse, screwed up thermostat, etc.? Just thought I?d throw it out there and have a better idea of what’s going on when I take the inevitable walk of shame into a garage this week.

Lesson Learned: Lock the doors and keep non-mechanically trained family members out of your car.

In most cars that would likely be a vacuum hose that was not re-connected, pinched or cracked. In others it could be a wire cable that was not properly reconnected.

The heat problem is likely that the cable that controls your blend door was disconnected and not reattached. You’ll either have a round knob you turn to change the temp or a slider level - off the back of that is normally a cable that needs to be attached at both ends - see if you can figure out where it is off and where it goes. These can also be vacuum controlled so it may be that you have a vacuum line behind there instead that is disconnected. Look around for loose cables or hoses.

And for future reference a lot of places that sell car stereo equipment will install free or for a small fee. There are also a multitude of kits that come with complete instructions, adapters & the like. I’m not sure where he went wrong, but these days it just isn’t that hard.

A definite thanks here. I looked up the service manual on the Hyundai Service website to get a better picture at the mess I was looking at, and I am familiar with the control assembly. I’ll poke around a bit more and see if there is any disconnections. Hopefully that’ll give me something to work with.

Oh believe me I know as far as the stereo installation is concerned, the original plan when I got the stereo was to get it done by way of your suggestion HOWEVER, he took it upon himself to attempt the job…and now I’m cleaning up the mess. :smiley:


at least his heart was in the right place - ??

Oh yeah, I know he meant well and I appreciate it, I’m just frustrated because I’m back at school 3 hours away with no heat and all its done is snow, ice, and stay below 32 degrees.

BUT on the upside, it still runs and it’s still getting me to class on time :slight_smile: