99 Cadillac Deville/Service Engine Soon

The Service Engine Soon light came on, also Check Gas Cap in the Driver Information Center. Replaced gas cap at Cad dealer in New Hampshire on vacation. Returned to Virginia, and lights came back on a few days later. Took to Cad dealer (Lindsay) where I bought the care. They replaced evap vent solenoid. All was OK. Drove 360 miles to beach house in No Carolina with no problem. Lights came back on again two days ago. Called VA dealer, was told to bring it in again. “You could probably drive the car to California and back without a problem.” by the Service Rep. But I am concerned. Any help out there?? What is going on??

If the problem is an evap code, nothing bad will happen to the car as you drive. The evap system only prevents gasoline fumes from escaping to the atmosphere. In the old days, gas tanks and the engine block would vent to open air. But today, all cars have an evap system that collects these fumes, and burns them in the engine for cleaner emissions. If there is a failure, the check engine light will go on. But, this is a type of code that will not damage the engine in any way.

You can go to a Autozone and have the codes read for free. Let us know what they are and we may be able to help more. Chances are the same code came back though.

Assuming that light is not flashing, you should be fine.