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99 audi a62.8l q...Wise decsion? or not...Gets involvedI


Hey so I’m new on here, seems like cool place… anyway this is a very long story and kind of of need to know some of it but I own that car that’s in the title of this topic I am a body man obviously do some mechanic work anyway all I want to do is repaint the car which I was doing and then a series of problems happened starting with a vacuum leak and was getting the codes so I trace that all out almost got that 100% got to let the car actually run to know because I spaced it out the pictures got deleted in the diagrams are almost impossible to tell the EVAP from the thicker lines anyway car was running okay after it is still a little leek… but it was running…idiling 1800rpm…
I was happy…i took it for a few miles got back…
Recall correctly and the roof almost ready so I backed it in Masked off the car sprayed away… (keep in mind…
Bodywork is alot of preping…and this was at my house…really only pulled it in too paint…lack of breathing room in both bays…but 120gallon ir compressor…but I’m getting at is had too move car alot …turn around u know…n I was pulling the neg cable usually pretty fast after i shut off) <—remember that.
So think after roof…i drove like 9 miles too my friends…pull up…leave it running…sounds great…im in front of it …friend walks out…crazy sound ive never herd 10years doing this everyday…like metal on metal n I run n shut off…after a week of debating what 2 do…timing slipped off…belt not chain…came down too the tensioner needed too be readjusted…car starts right back up …sounds like her prettyself…so i wanna have my car n finish the cpl panels…ALL I CAN REMEMBER IS I THINK BACKED IN GARAGE…PULLED NEG…MAYBE POS. TOO IDUNNO …DID MY PAINT WORK…N BAM WENT TOO START nextday and itd start …and it kinda was like limp mode on the German cars but diffefent…floor the motor and its at 2grand rpm…eventually wouldn’t kick. Over …so too move or start for 3-5 sec before it shut its self off…had too leave neg. N pos. Disconnected like 12 hr. …but just stoped in gear n went 6 yards too where i wanted too put it…n shut off…ok anyway here we are 5 months after all that b.s. …POINT!!! Beinging…i need too reset Throttle Body…so I need Vag-com…arent cheap…but I’m 95 percent sure that needs too happen…im hurting now n need a car…living on the go in a way…jusy doing sidejobs…very tuff…need a car …got no help…anyway getting paid shy of a g tommorow or friday…and most that money called for …but should i buy a 500$ car…so i can get a job back at a shop…or shud i buy 200$Vag-com with a 30day return policy…n just run the T.B. relearn…And it will prob tell me alot because they made for audi start vw…n cpl more only…i just dont know…problems with both ways…Anyway u read that Thank You…leave your opinion if you’d like…IF YOU OWN…HAVE OWNED OR A VW.AUDI TECH N KNOW WHAT im talking about…please contact me…Thanks y’all n I will help some of y’all one day trust me…160k on motor…clean car…

It has been said that you are never too old to learn.
Ever heard of things called sentences?
And paragraphs?
It is so much easier to read.
I am sure I have no idea what your point is.
They say body man breathe some nasty fumes over time and
Their reasoning and speaking abilities fail.
Here is proof.


Consider Thorazine.

The point was easy to understand. Buy a beater to get by or spend a bit less to get the programming tool necessary to reset the tb (and possibly return it once job complete). The speculation is that repeated disconnection of battery made car lose settings.

Personally, I prefer the devil I know. I’ve bought beaters for similar purposes in years past and usually regretted it in the end because I ended up working on them instead of the original problem.

I might be inclined to find an independent mech that has the tool or hang at the dealer to see if some kind of deal could be worked out.

I could not wade through all that hard to read post but seriously you need to edit your email address out because that is not a good idea on an open web site.

@cdaquila Carolyn , your call as to edit email in post.

Hi @Joseph_Mccarthy I edited out your email address, but I also took out a little profanity. We try to keep it pretty clean around here. Thanks!

I got lost after wondering why it was obvious he was a bodyman, I have heard about stream of conciseness writing but this is more like stream of incoherence.

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I gave up about 1/3 of the way through…

Not at dealer and im in tight ship now…so

I’ll get that 200 back…from tool…like it’s just gonna stall me 2 weeks…but I got 2 side jobs lined up being droped day or 2 wen i get paid for this 1…n 1 after…so it’s work… honestly man I’m the second owner that Audi it’s been serviced its whole life I have all the service receipts from the previous owner who sold it to me at the trade in value so that’s probably three grand I saved buying that car but it’s so freaking clean man I mean I don’t even know how he is not cheap but I’ve learned that car typically do all these repairs on my own it’s just things got complicated and had to leave the parent while ago and cars over there can’t really get a toad to where I’m staying now cuz I already have a car here technically that I’m usually working on and I’m not supposed to be living here but I am so landowner drive by can’t see another 1

Based on that, either buy or borrow a VAG-com tool to relearn the throttle body

Assuming that’s the only cause of your problems . . .

Or maybe see if a mobile vw/audi mechanic will come to the car’s location to relearn the throttle body and get the car started again.

The price you “quoted” for the tool sounds awfully cheap . . . is it a chinese knock-off and/or does it have reverse-engineered software? There’s a lot of that stuff out there, and sometimes it doesn’t do what you need it to do

I hope it will allow you to get the car started again

And when you have the car running again, I advise you to find a place of your own, where you can legally live. It gets ugly when somebody is forced to leave a residence, especially if they weren’t supposed to be there to begin with

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Thanks…my parents house

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Nice to hear back from you!

So you’re now living at your parent’s house?

Years ago, when things pretty much collapsed for me, I was also forced to go back home to regroup, so to speak.

Anyways . . .

Any news on the Audi?

Did you get it back into a reliable condition?