98 Toyota ECM

Hi Tom and Ray,

Love your show and listen when I can. I had to remove the ECM of my 98 Toyota Avalon XLS to replace the air inlet servo motor. Now it’s back in, all connectors tight, but the car has a strong crank but no start. Security light flashes at 1-2 second intervals whether the car is locked, unlocked or cranking. Security problem? Got any answer to help me? Thanks.

I hope this helps… It’s all I could find. I think you want to use the instructions for a new module, as yours would have lost it’s memory when disconnected.


If not post back. maybe someone more knowledgeable will be able to help you.

Thanks for the try to help, but I don’t have a Master key. I found that out several years ago and because of this, I took it to a locksmith and he disabled the engine immobilizer system so I could use any key since I realized that if I lost my valet key, I would be stuck. So something has changed and now the valet key won’t work either.