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98 Taurus gives a shower of gas every time we fill up

We had to replace the gas tank on my wife’s 1998 Taurus recently when it developed a hole (from rust) and started leaking. Since then, when we’re refilling the tank and the pump automatically shuts off when it’s full, we’re always treated to a shower of gas coming out of the car. Sometimes it just runs down the side of the car, but other times it sprays out and would soak my legs if I didn’t jump back quickly enough. It doesn’t seem to matter how much gas we put in or how fast we fill it or even if we stop it early and fill slowly to the end.

We took it back to the mechanic who changed the tank and he couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Another friend who does a lot of his own repair work had no ideas either.

Can anyone help us avoid this gas shower? Thanks!

I would look for a crimped hose or a blocked vent hose.  There also is the possibility of a problem with the rollover valve.