98 tahoe LT heater/defrost AC select switch sluggish

hello all. my truck selector switch has been acting up. when i turn the switch from defrost to AC mode it takes time before it moves the doors to the correct position. does something need lubed or do i have something that needs (or will need) replaced? appreciate any help you can offer. thanks.

no ideas?

Mine is too, when I go from anything else to the AC position. Avoiding the paying for tearing the dash apart to fix it, I have lived with this. It seems to help to let the warm air blow on things before shifting the doors. Cold air seems to make it worse. I don’t have an answer for you.

thanks for the reply. i had the vehicle in the garage recently for an AC problem. i had a leaking schrader valve that caused my freon to leak out. while it was there i mentioned the problem with the selector switch and they said they checked it and it seems alright and probably wasn’t operating correctly due to the freon leak. i didn’t buy that and picked up the truck and i still have the switch problem. i guess i’ll just count my lucky stars that my air is now working! :slight_smile:

The problem might be that the foam seal that surrounds the mode door has become disattached from the door. When this happens, the seal can get wedged between the door and the surrounding ducting. So the mode door still works, but the disattached seal is causing the mode door to respond more slowly.


thanks tester. any ideas on time/cost to fix?

I wouldn’t worry about it.

If it is because the seal has become disattached from the door, eventually the seal will totally become disattached from the door in pieces and start blowing out the vents. Then the mode door will start making a clunking noise once the foam seal is gone. The foam seal is what prevents the mode door from making noise when it changes positions.