98 Subaru- replaced powersteering pump--now car won't start-Why?

I have a 98 Subaru Legacy Outback with 133K miles. It was leaking from the power steering pump and valve cover gaskets. My husband replaced the passenger-side valve cover gasket (which involved removing the air box) and the power steering pump (which required removing the alternator). When we put the car back together and reconnected the battery, it no longer starts! It “clicks” once but won’t turn-over. The car does not have an alarm system (but it was an option on this model). We’ve tried jumping it. The battery is about 14 months old. The alternator is about 10 months old and the starter was replaced about 10 months ago too. We’ve double checked the wires that were disconnected and don’t think we’ve missed anything. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.

Check both the positive and negative battery cables at both ends. Sounds like a bad battery connection. Double check the battery ground cable to the engine block…

Solved! Thanks! My husband went back over it again in the light and found that he didn’t reconnect the ground wire from the starter back to the battery!! It’s working again!

Well, I am glad he got it going, but I didn’tknow there was a ground wire from the battery to the starter.