98 Sienna 124k Needs transmission work!?

My 98 Toyota Sienna at 124k miles very well maintained has rough transmission shifting from one to to another gear while in motion. What’s up??? I thought Toyotas would go 200k miles! Otherwise in very good shape, should I spend money to rebuild or replace transmission or ditch the van?? I need help!

Don’t rip up Toyota just yet.
Have you checked the fluid level and have you ever even changed the fluid?

There are also other things that could mimic a transmission problem such as a bad engine/transmission mount.

I would suggest checking for problems like that first and getting the vehicle scanned at a transmission shop if need be.

Just like ok said… Scan it for trouble codes… It could be something very simple as a sensor…


The 200k problem free is a tall tale. All cars have problems including golden Toyota’s and Honda’s. Usually the major problems though occur after 150k or 10 years which you have approached.

I agree check your tranny fluid.