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98 Nissan Altima no spark

I have an 1998 Nissan Altima which just stopped dead while driving. Towed it home and found no spark going to plugs. I was afraid timing belt had giving out (over 200k on car) but took off Distributor and it turns ok when cranking engine. The coil is part of the distributor on this model so I couldnt test it and just replaced the whole distributor but still no spark to any plug. Any ideas on where to check next?

Did a new power transistor module come with the distributor? I can’t tell if it is mounted to the distributor to a separate heat sink. Did you check the signal coming from the cam position sensor and the crankshaft position sensor? If the signal from these are okay, check the signal coming out of the ECM to the power transister. If the input signals are okey and there is no output signal, you are looking at a wiring problem; bad ECM; or ??

BTW is there B+ to the coil?

Hope this helps.