98 Lincoln TC 70800 mi

Put on two new front tires 225/70r/16 at reputible tire store.(Had one that went bad on rotation& balance at start. Same size as the two that were rebalanced and put on the rear.(Better 2 of the four) Left the store sped up car dumped down to idle. Went back they said they could not have done anything to cause that. Drove across street. Changed out fuel filter (that had 2000 mi) Went two more blks, same thing. Truck hauled to Dealer for diagnostic. No codes/no check eng… Dealer done fuel press. test. Showed 22-28 lbs…(30-40 lbs for good) Changed out fuel pump. Fuel pressure 37-39 good. Test drive same thing acelarates good let off dumps to idle. Hookup to “high tech” computer, again. Shows fuel problem. All sensors show working and good. MAF, all componets tested per Ford comp. engineer. I got tired came home 3pm. Ford shop serv. called 5:15pm…Now get this… They say…the two new tires against the two half worn tires are causing the “traction control system” to say to the cumputer “that car is out of control”!! Now, after Towing which is ins., but $285 fuel pump which it may have eeded, 6hrs of more diagnostic, do not now how many $, they come up with a tire issue, which I couldn’t really afford this month, Does this make since? Have you heard of a new pair of tiers against the older causing such a crazy/ simple solution? It is one more story to add to the form for opinions, suggestions…Thanks

They are refering to tread size of new against the old. New tires are yokohama’s old are Kelly Supreme. Is a great deal of difference in tread hieght. Rex

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I own a similar car with traction control and YES all 4 tires must be EXACTLY the same diameter. Otherwise the wheel sensors (they also work the anti-lock brakes) think your rear wheels are slipping and computer limits power until traction is regained. In your case, the wheel speeds NEVER match, so the ECM reduces power to zero. When this happens, the little orange Trac/Con light (far left side of dash) comes on. Always buy and maintain a matched set of tires…

Thank you Caddyman. No one including myself experienced the ECM light. But, I find relief, that you respond it a PROFESIONAL manner, I am greatful. I believe I’ll have them pull the wheels and take them up and mount $225. more tires in the am and hope that does the deal…Bite the bullet and move on. Life is short…Rex

In the end, tires are the cheapest problem to have to fix. It’s sort of a happy ending.

Let us know if this solved your problem.

Rexy44, do yourself a favor and surf on over to www.crownvic.net. They know a lot about your TC there. I think that this car will only be monitoring rear wheels for the traction control, so only a mismatch from side to side will have that effect. I think that replacing the tires is barking up the wrong tree, but I don’t have any other suggestions.

t was the tires. The Two new ones that were put on the front in the very begining were the wrong size. Causing the TC to shut down. The “tire guy” made it right by giving me two more and replacing the wrong size, and free balance and rotation for all three of my veicles for as long as I want. Good people make mistakes. Good business people want good customers to come back. This is the MIDWEST (Missouri).

I’m glad it worked out in the end. You really find out what people are made of when things go wrong. I hope that you recommend this tire dealer to your friends and neighbors.

On my '98 Vic, a former cop car with traction-loc and traction control, if you punch it on a slick surface or dirt, it rumbles and grumbles and the engine fades until order is restored…It must be comparing front wheel speed to rear wheel speed in order to do this…But I do get a traction control dash light for a few seconds…In any case, Rex seems to be happy, all is well again…

The traction control sending a mixed signal to the computer is very likely. Does it warn about such problems in the owner’s manuel? Regardless, the dealership shopuld have known the original problem. Think of it this way, how long had your car been running OK with the fuel pressure being a little low? The fuel pressure being that low may not have caused your car to run bad - 90% sure of that. Dealerships will always rip you off because they are there to make a bunch of money in a hurry. Go back to the dealership and ask them that you want to speak to their Factory Rep when he comes to the dealership, or ask for his contact information. The dealership should have known about the traction issue right off the bat, especially if you told them that you just had the tires rotated.

You are right and I was wrong. Without Trac-loc it does not make much sense to take front wheels into account. It certainly does with a limited slip diff.