98 LeSabre Chime Error Help, Drained Battery


My Lesabre 3.8L started chiming as if I have the key still in the ignition when I turn the car off.

The next day my battery was drained.

I hear a small ticking sound near the console where you control AC and radio when the key is not even inserted.

When I press the brake pedal the sound stopped.

I have been experiencing intermittent issues with the power locks before this happened.

Any and all help or advice would be appreciated.

I already towed it to my mechanic. He is struggling to diagnose this it seems as it has been there for a couple days.

Given this… and this…

The best advice I can give is you need to find a better mechanic. One that is well versed in electrical work. Expect to pay for his time finding the problem.

The OP’s problems sound to me like a failing Body Control Module, but–from afar–I might be no closer to a correct diagnosis than the OP’s struggling mechanic was.

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Thanks VDC is body control module something found near the dash area where the ticking sound I am hearing is coming from? The spot where the radio and AC controls are?

I also read on some similar posts that this can be ABS related, or even just a short somewhere on something else. Hoping I get this resolved, car has only 84k miles…dont want to buy another car right now.

Thanks for your input!

There’s probably an issue with the body control module.


OP’s shop should also consider faulty ignition switch. Not uncommon on a 24 year old vehicle, esp considering the battery draining symptom.

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