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98 Impreza Stalls when stopping

204k the car runs excellent 99.9% of the time. No Noises clunks squeeks or anything. Apx 6 months ago, I went down a slight hill, nothing major with essentially an empty tank of gas ( the light hadnt come on yet though) at the bottom of the hill is a stop, so as usual I pushed in the clutch, stopped and went to take off and the car was off. Radio still on, but no idiot lights or anything abnormal. I was still on a slight incline so I just let it roll a couple feet and pop started it. It ran VERY rough and the speedometer and odometer stopped working(im guessing i broke that with the popstart). I assumed it was out of gas. I went 2 blocks turned it off, filled the gas tank, started it right up and it ran fine, but no more odometer or speedometer. All was good for a few days, then repeat, down a slight hill in with the clutch to stop and the car is turned off, Pop start- runs rough sounds tinny, turn the key off then start with the key - its good. So this has been happening since, sometimes a couple times a day, sometimes weeks and nothing. Mostly after going down a slight incline, but occasionaly on a flat stretch. The gas tank can be full or near empty. When I popstart it and its running rough, it sounds very “tinny” and I need 2x as much gas pedal to keep going ( so is just a quick off/then restart of the key to correct that). When this stall issue happens, most of the time I dont know its off because the car normally runs so quiet and a low idle ( Barely registers on tach- maybe 100-150ish unless ac or headlights are on then its about 700) unless I’m still creeping along and the steering wheel turns hard- then I know, ok time to reatart. It always restarts instantly and no other problems. I’ve put on apx 7k plus in “unregistered” mileage this way. - well mostly unregistered mileage- once in a GREAT while the speedometer and odometer will work for a few miles - I’ve registered 64miles since it ‘broke’

I tried to read through your message, and I would start by asking if you have all your maintenance up to date.  When was the last time you changed the spark plugs and wires?  How about the fuel filer?  

Next time it would be helpful if you use paragraphs rather than just one sentence after another.

Yeah- Sorry about the format of the post- The size of the box for the original posting was pretty small and I couldnt see much at all.

Plugs and wires are about 20k old. fuel filter, im not sure of. If that had an issue wouldnt it run bad most of the time? I also sit at idle ( lunch, breaks, ect) about 1.5hrs a day with the car running and no shakes or sputters or revs- I also often drive at 80+mph with no hiccups .

One thing I didnt mention - grasping at anything here cause I know nothing - Is sometimes I use a small inverter to power my laptop. Immediately or Within a second or 2 of stopping or sitting idle (rpms down) the inverter starts its low power warning ( I think its suppose to be 10ish volts?) could a low power supply cause the stalling issue? but if so should I have some idiot lights come on? ( and the stalling issue happens most of the time when I’m not using the inverter- so thats not drawing power)