98 Ford Explorer - brake hose twisted


Hope you can help!! I took my car to be inspected and they said the front left brake hose was twisted. They claim it is an easy repair. Can anyone tell me where I can find this hose and how I can fix it??

Thanks so much!


This would only happen if the caliper was removed and replaced incorrectly. Have you had any brake work lately?

The hose, available through any auto parts store, is located between the caliper and the front hard brake line. You must be careful taking the fittings apart to prevent twisting and braking the hard line. The brakes will have to be bled after the job.


Sorry for the sales pitch but Michelewill asked! Find the left front brake hose for the '98 Explorer under Brake/Wheel Hub and then Hydraulic Hose in the www.rockauto.com catalog. It costs $7.55 (wholesaler closeout price) and $17.80 for regular inventory. Here is a photo of the hose: http://info.rockauto.com/RB/Detail2noTip.html?http://www.dormanproducts.com/images/items/hwrap1/UH381158.jpg

Remove the wheel, replace the hose and bleed the brakes. You could do it yourself if you are comfortable removing the wheel and have a helper to hold in the brake pedal for brake bleeding.


Yes, it is a very easy repair. Simply remove the brake caliper from its mounting plate and turn it to untwist the flex line. Then re-install. No need to disconnect the flex line or open the hydraulic circuit. Larger question is; what grease monkey put it on twisted in the first place?


I wouldn’t trust a flex hose that had been twisted beyond what it was designed for. For the cost to replace it, I would want the peace of mind.


If you see a Tech let a caliper hang by the rubber hose would you point this out? I would


The only “tech” who touches my brake calipers is me! And I know better than to let the caliper hang by the hose.


I wouldn’t trust a flex hose that had been twisted beyond what it was designed for

What makes you think it wasn’t designed well enough to take it? Those hoses are pretty darn tough. If it hadn’t failed while twisted, I wouldn’t have any problem correcting it. But, my tolerance for this may be far greater than others…