1996 Ford Contour runs rough


I have a 1996 ford contour sport 2.0 L runs rough and wants to stall out. When checking the wire for the injectors the insulation is cracked and broken away. Does anyone else have this and can I get a new wire harness. All blogs say this was common.


getting a new wiring harness will be difficult for a 1996 Ford

But you CAN buy the fuel injector pigtails


Where can I get these???


The NAPA auto parts store says they have them in stock, according to the website

Call your local napa to confirm . . .


Insulation problems on the fuel injector wires could be the cause of the symptoms, but there are many other possibilities. Ask your shop to check the pulsing of the injectors with their lab scope or noid light for problems. If that’s ok, stalling is often caused by a lean condition caused by vacuum system problems. A fuel trim test would be where to start. Suggest to consult with a shop that specializes in auto-electric for ideas how to address the insulation problems. If the insulation is cracked further back, replacing just the injector pigtails might not be the best course.