98 civic ignition timing , low idle , oil leak issues

I have couple problems I been trying solve for a while that my 98 civic 1.6L dx has.

It idles very low durning the day in drive. My car is automatic. In the night though it idles normal in drive 750 - 800 rpms.
I did a timing belt replacement and checked timing 3 times. Timing is fine, when I try to do the ignition timing it’s not lining up to 12 with the advance timing hun. When I move the distributor farthest to firewall it still don’t reach 12 like at 11 degrees the pointer doesn’t like up with red mark on the pully.
simple i just changed my oil pan gasket like 3 times and it keeps leaking. What el I doing wrong ?
I would really appreciate the help.

Duplicate Post , see ( Hey again guys I have a problem with my civic. Couple problems )

On the timing - there is more than one mark on the harmonic balancer. One is TDC. The other is some degrees BTDC. The rotation of the balancer should always be counterclockwise - so the BTDC mark will be to left of the TDC mark, seeing it from above. Are you sure you have the camshaft pulley’s TDC mark at TDC at the same time you have the harmonic balancer’s TDC mark at TDC?

Yes I check the timing literally 3 times