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98 civic hatchback dx shuts off while driving

while driving ,vehicle shuts,all electrical shuts off from the dash and radio…will coast to a stop but have tried push starting while still in motion…this has happened to me several times.sometimes i stop completely turn key to off position and just start tha car back no problems…but for me being a daily driver i happens once or twice a day…replace the coil,have scan tool telling me it’s the intake temp sensor…replaced it but check engine ligth stays on with the same code po113 which is the IAT sensor???any clues?

I think the codes and the electrical shut-down are two separate problems. The CEL is on because of the trouble codes, but that’s not what’s causing the car to shut down completely.

You could have a bad connection at a battery cable terminal. Check both ends of each cable. A loose or corroded ground connection can cause the same problem as a bad connection at the battery. Also check the cable that grounds the engine to the chassis.

Another possibility is a faulty ignition switch. The switch has two parts; the lock cylinder and the electrical switch. If the switch is bad it could do what you describe.