98 chevy starting

have a 98 chevy cavalier 2.2, starter was clicking and would only start sporaticly so bought a rebuilt from auto zone and now doing same thing but no clicking now. noticed small terminal mount on selenoid was coroded and replaced it, still doing same thing. noticed I have a theft system lite coming on sporaticly that I had not noticed before, doesn’t allways come on, mostly when cars hot. Could be coincidentle but seems to start easyer after car cools down, any input please?

I wish I made a cut and paste warning about the possibility of acid damage to the postive battery cable. Delco batterys like to leak acid and the cable becomes damaged,the acid can wick all the way down the cable to the starter and damage it. Inspect you cable for a white powdery substance.

If the problem was the PassLock2 system in your car your car would start fine then die after 10 seconds,it doesn’t sound like a PassLock problem.

Give that battery cable a check-out.

One other thing I have seen is that a main ground is located in the metal battery tray. The same acid leakage can damage this ground. Remove battery and check this ground.

I have also replace a good number of Cavalier starters very early in their service life.