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98 Cavalier...3 or 4 speed automatic?

I need to replace the passenger side front axel on my race car and the parts store needs to know if its a 3 or 4 speed. Is there an easy way to tell? It doesnt have the cover on the shifter anymore so I dont know what there is.

It’s probably a four speed with a lock-up torque converter.

Why would you race a Cavalier? This is like beating down a forest fire with a gas soaked rag!


we race 4 cylinder cars in the division I am in…mostly Neons, Hondas, Cavaliers and Sunfires…even a Dodge Omni…lol

That’s cool!

Keep it safe!


we try…at least the axel waited until the last race to break on us…too bad I dont know what one I need now…lo

Does it still have the VIN plate? If so, input it here and see what comes back:

DECODED 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier
Make Chevrolet
Vehicle Type Passenger Car
Model Cavalier
Body Type 4 Door Sedan
Restraint System Dual Air Bag; Manual-Active Belts
Engine Type L4, 2.2L
Check Digit 7
Model Year 1998
Assy. Plant Lordstown, OH
Production Seq. Number 331742
Trim Level Base
Drive Line Type FWD
Vehicle Class Mid-size Car
Fuel Type Gasoline
Manufacturer General Motors Corporation
Engine Code 4

Rats. I just tried my cars. The Accord showed the transmission, but my 3 GM cars did not. Get it up on a lift and see if there are any serial numbers on the transmission. BTW, is this the original transmission?