98 Camry vs. 94 Taurus?


I currently drive a 94 Taurus, which I’ve put several thousand dollars into, but it currently runs fine. However, I have the option of getting a 98 Camry from a family friend, but this would involve a few hundred dollars in x-c driving gas and tolls, as well as the cost of re-inspecting and re-registering two cars (it’s complicated, but we would be switching). Is it worth the hassle for me to get the Camry? I do at least 200 miles of driving every week. Which one is likely to last me longer? I don’t know what my best option is, but I will be in a bit of a bind if and when my car dies (whichever one it is), as I need a car to get to work, and as a recent college grad, have no savings to purchase another one.


Which is the better choice? The one in better shape, of course. Unfortunately without getting a mechanic’s opinion of the condition of each car, it’s impossible to say.

Generally speaking, I’d prefer a '98 Camry to a '94 Taurus. Heck, under most conditions I’d prefer a '92 Camry to a '94 Taurus. But in this case we don’t know enough about their relative conditions to pick.



Love the Camry and hate the Ford, it makes a difference but the odds don’t always work out in your favor. Save up some money because neither car is very hard to replace. It will be even easier in a couple years. You got that degree so that you could get a better paying job. You can keep the Taurus and laugh at the odds. You have at least one family member who seems to be helpful. He might like you even more if the Taurus quits while you own it instead of him. I don’t think you can lose here, no matter what you do.


We have a 2000 Camry (about 137K mi) and a 1994 Taurus (about 82K mi). The Taurus has had some minor mechanical problems (radiator replaced twice; replaced ABS wheel sensors). The Camry has been almost trouble-free (leaking seal on spark plug tube flooded plug with oil), but the cost of replacing the timing belt is a put-off, and I paid a mechanic to replace the alternator belt because it was more than I want to do myself. Taurus has roomier seats; Camry has the flip-down back seats so you can carry longer items. Taurus seats are more comfortable (to me) for long trips. Camry feels more nimble. Camry likes to run free on the Interstate (gotta be alert to keep it down to reasonable speed), but Taurus feels like its huffing to keep up to 65 (I think this was a max 55 era car).

In all, depends on your personal preference and the exact condition of each car. To me, the swap sounds like too much hassle. But remember to factor in the value of a happy family relationship. Sometimes it’s worth the effort to let some one who loves you do you a burdensome “favor”.


The “anonymous” post about the '00 Camry and the '94 Taurus was from me (art66 on the old Board). I forgot to register before I responded.