97 yukon 5.7L

I have a no spark no fuel situation. But my check engine light does not come on and my clock does not work. My turn signals dont work on the dash and the bulbs. But my hazerds work fine.

You need a mechanic…a good independent mechanic.

Can’t aford that right now. Gota do the work my self

Have you checked all your fuses? Are the battery and cables in good condition?

No spark, no fuel, no CEL. Does the CEL even light up briefly at the turn of the key? Sounds like the ECM has no power. Look to fuses first.

Even though your check engine light isn’t on, hook up a scanner and check for stored codes

Might have a bad crank sensor

Does the security light come on, or is it flashing?

Might have a problem with the passlock sensor

A good scanner will retrieve those kind of codes also. A cheapo will not

Which dash lights turn on with the key in “on” but the engine not started?

If you’re looking for a silver bullet without any testing or diagnostics I would guess a failed ignition switch.