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'97 Taurus GL Wagon 193.5K: Synchro & Sensor (again)

'97 Taurus GL Wagon 193.5K: Synchro & Sensor (again)

I?ve had the famous code off and on (what is it ? P0340, not sure off-hand), and I?ve heard some squealing/squeaking off and on from the driver?s side of the engine compartment for a couple of winters now, so the synchro is most likely mangled again (by the sensor magnet falling into it).

I last did this repair around 70,000 miles (2001-2002 timeframe), replacing with the Ford Motorcraft part (for about $125, IIRC). Stopped by the dealer this morning and they want $154 for the synchro and $94 for the sensor.

The synchro price seems reasonable, but I think I paid about $35 for the sensor @ Autozone last time.

Question: If I DON?T go with the Ford part, who makes the aftermarket part that I can trust and who makes the part I need to stay away from (was it Dorman that made the bad one, or Cardone?).

A motorcraft Synchro is about $ 95.00 at,carcode,1139060,parttype,10722

I would try my luck with the Delphi to save a few bucks on the CAM Position sensor,carcode,1139060,parttype,7192

Thanks! I forgot you can actually buy Motocraft from places OTHER THAN the dealer. And yeah - the Delphi sensor is probably a safe bet…

Looking at those prices, it must be the Dorman that is the junk part. Less than $40 for BOTH the synchro AND the sensor … plus - the alignment tool thrown in, too???

The Dorman Synncro was the one that I read had lots of complaints. I do not no if they were ever resolved.