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97' Saab 900S Gearbox Issues

Hi all!

I have a 97’ 900S with a 5-speed manual transmission. My trouble is when the car is warmed up and I try to shift into gear, the gears will grind as I put the car into first and reverse with the clutch fully depressed. All other gears go in without grinding, although I have to use a little force to get it in. Upon cold starting, the gears go in as they should; it’s only when the transmission is warmed up the gears have difficulties going into gear. My guess is the clutch needs replacing because as I release the clutch, I can feel the engine jolt a bit. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

Is the clutch hydraulic? The master and or slave cylinder may be bad.

I believe I have a cable clutch, since I don’t have a reservoir for the clutch fluid. I know for a fact 94’-97’ 900S’ have cable clutches, it’s hydraulic after 98’