97 probe 2.0 dohc


I have a multi cylinder misfire. checked coil, replaced plugs,wires,cap and rotor. fuel pressure is 40psi remove vacumn hose from fuel regulator pressure increases. checked ohms on crank sensor 565ohms, checked good. timing belt is aligned. what next? the car will idle fin for 5or 6 min then statrs to hesitate, then will idle fine again. code po300. anyone have any idea’s?


Guess nobody know’s


I’m not all that familiar with your Probe, but if you have multiple cylinders misfiring, you’re looking for something that is common to all cylinders. What’s common to all four cylinders? Coil? Cap and rotor or center coil wire (although I suspect it’s too new to have those}. It’s probably not fuel related. P0300 would indicate that it’s electrical.