97 pontiac bonneville

It runs and then all of a sudden the check guages light comes on. the oil pressure guage drops to zero and the cae stalls. It won’t restart until it cool and then the same proble occurs Does any one have an idea?

Yeah, your engine is stalling when it gets hot. You probably have an ignition component breaking down from heat. The '97 Bonnie I believe has a coil pack. That would be the first place I’d look. If the coil pack isn’t the source, perhaps the igniter.

This should show something on a scanner. It may not be the cause, but it may give you a place to start. It surely sound electrical, but I’ve also seen EGR problems result in the lion’s share of your symptoms too.

Check for spark when the engine stalls. If there is no spark the problem could be with the crankshaft position sensor or the ignition module.


The fuel pump runs off the oil pressure switch, if the oil pressure drops enough the fuel pump shuts off to prevent engine damage. It could be the engine is losing oil pressure, an oil pressure gauge needs to be installed to check if the engine is losing oil pressure.