97 lincoln continental the horrors and the fixes

list off horrors and their fixes


  1. Ate a lot of alternators
    order of failure Battery symbol light comes on, low voltage, no power assist, no ac, no radio, dash flashes, battery dead
    fix: The belt tensior arm was broken so the belt ate the alternators. Had to fabricate a belt tensioner
  2. after tensioner was solved new problem but similar Losing power assist, and battery symbol in dash comes on goes off when rev engine.
    fix: turn car off and on allows belt to regrip problem? oil on belt, wipe down belt. Also ran the car 1/2 quart low seems to keep the oil from getting on the belt so often. degreasing the engine solved problem for 6 months. Need to find the leak when i have the money to do it.

“Had to fabricate a belt tensioner?” Why? Is this tensioner a part you can’t buy at a parts store or a Lincoln dealer?

“Oil on belt.” You need to correct that. If there is oil on the belt it will not drive correctly.

Has anyone tested the battery or the charging system? How old is the battery?

The tensioner was being redone by GM? and wouldn’t be available for about 6 months for me to purchase.
the other option was get one from a wrecking yard and it involved the whole left side of an engine and wrecking yards would only sell a whole engine not such a big part of one. So a welder came to the shop and fabricated a way for the tensioner to be welded in there using the older model of tensioner that did come seperate from the engine case. A tensioner is one of those parts that doesn’t go bad so it was not available at the dealership or a parts store there were none in stock anywhere at least the exact model number I needed.That cost me a lot of money and time without a car.
Oil on belt- has new alternator, new battery from the above senario had the engine degreased by shop solved the problem for 6 months. I was supposed to go back and have a special oil put in that glows under a special light to find the leak but I haven’t made the time to find a shop where I live becuase I moved to WA. Drives fine just a slippery belt that acts up occasionally.

Nice! GM making a part for a ford?

ok ok so I don’t know my makers ha ha

Something seems really weird about this post.

Have you checked the power steering pump to see if it’s binding? It sounds like you have some serious load on the belt.

A new tensioner for a '97 Linc should be really easy to find.

Oil leaks of a magnitude large enough to lube the belt should be really easy to trace. The front seal would be a good first guess, and a plugged up PCV valve would be another gues on a high mileage engine. That would allow pressure to build in the crankcase which could push oil through the crank seals as well as the valvecover gaskets.

Somethin’ in this post doesn’t seem right…